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Make everyday simple.

Meet the first all-in-one smart home
that works through the simple push of a battery-less button.

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Get + $1000 USD in smart home devices for only $19.99/month.

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What’s included in the $19.99 package?

4 Smart Buttons

With just one tap ENY button will trigger pre-programmed actions designed by you. It is battery-free, requiring no stocking up.

Smart Hub

ENY Home hub controls your smart home devices from anywhere through a dedicated app.

3 Smart Lights

3 Osram Smart Light bulbs to turn your existing light and switches smart.

Robot Cleaner

The latest smart vacuum robot works for you while you are out.

Smart Curtain

Program your curtains to open and close automatically.

Smart Coffee Maker

Brew a fresh cup of your favorite coffee automatically and from anywhere.

Get your time back by triggering scenes just by pressing the ENY button.

Waking up

Stay some extra minutes in bed by pressing the button. It will open up the curtains, turn on the living room lights and start brewing your coffee.

Step out of home

Leaving home? Just press the button and your lights will go off while your vacuum cleaner works while your are away.

Come home, ready to relax

Turn on lights and open curtains with a single tap of the button, and enjoy your freshly vacuumed home.


Simplify your bedtime routine. Press the button to turn off all lights and draw your curtains.

Simple and clean.
The eny App for easy control.

Control your smart devices and customize triggered actions using ENY’s intuitive app. You can also control from outside your home.

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This offer is available during August, 2017 only.

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