5 ways to save time with your Smart Home during summer time

Smart Home Eny summer

ENY Home is built to offer users peace of mind, with a simple subscription your home instantly comes to life in an automated way, without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment. That way, you can get started and test what are the smart features that really makes sense for you and your family.

ENY Home presentation at SXSW

Last year our team presented Eny Home at SXSW Austin, TX and it was a huge milestone for our team!

ENY Home in the news!

It's so nice when someone talks about us!
Take a look at some of the coverage that gives some more clues about the system, our purpose, and how we are thinking about "Making Everyday Simple".

Meet the team that makes the magic happen

eny team

We are an innovation + Startup Studio with headquarters in Tokyo and Silicon Valley that breathes life into the technology of the future, and is passionate about building the happiness to come.

5 things you didn't know about smart homes

It's not news that there is a lot of noise around the smart home industry. We believe there are a couple of critical things that any service that aims to facilitate people's lives must meet. And that is how we created ENY. Discover the 5 things that will make your life so much easier and unveil the real benefits of Smart Home

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